Do you have items you planned on donating to another organization (like Value Village or Salvation Army) - consider donating to us instead. 

Donating to Fat Sisters means: 

  1. More people can shop at Fat Sisters. With a higher margin we can provide a wider range of prices to increase accessibility. 
  2. You're supporting local, cool humans

Whether your donation is big or small, we appreciate it all. Our size guidelines still apply (size XL or above) but we're less picky about the condition or style of items (because we might sell, we might re-donate, or we might upcycle). 

If you're dealing with your own closet or an estate situation - just let us know the facts and we'll work out how we can help.

Contact us to arrange a pick-up or drop-off date/time. If extra love is required (i.e. sorting and boxing) - let us know. If items need to be cleaned - let us know. There is never a cost for donating - even if we need to spend an afternoon with you to get organized. We'll trade our time for your items. 

If you have questions - reach out via our contact form or email us at

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