About us

fat sisters brenna and erika standing side by side

We are real-life sisters. Fat sisters.

Not knowing if there will be anything in the store that fits is pretty terrible. We know what it’s like going into a store and asking "what's the biggest size you carry?" 

Ew. that feels terrible and we're here to change that....With Fat Sisters. A plus size vintage and consignment shop.

And look, we get it - you might not like calling us fat. But here's the thing, objectively we are - and it doesn't mean we're not lovely humans - but we are very lovely. 

When we decided to name our shop Fat Sisters - we knew it would be...emotional, controversial and...memorable. (Just like us!)

If saying "fat" makes you uncomfortable, we get it. We live in a world that wants us to want a watered-down version of ourselves (a skinnier version of ourselves). But, that's so 2004. Fat doesn't mean lazy, ugly or unworthy. Fat is just an adjective. 

For a long time, we didn't want to be fat either.  We didn't want to be called fat, we didn't want to stay fat or have people know we were fat. But here's the thing, it sucks to exist in a world and feel like you don't deserve the same comforts that others experience. It sucks to be stressed because you don't have an outfit for that party, wedding, work function, holiday and not be able to find something that makes you feel "normal" (never mind special!).

One day, we decided we wanted to be part of the solution. Because we knew we couldn't be the only people who cried after not being able to find l work outfits for an important business trip. And, we knew we couldn't be the only people who cried because we couldn't find beautiful outfits for our brother's wedding. And we knew we couldn't be the only people who wished that Old Navy would just fucking stock plus sizes in store. And we knew we couldn't be the only people who were struggling to feel like it was okay for our bodies to change. 

So if you've ever felt like you were the problem (not your clothes or the clothing industry) - same. And, you're not the problem. It's the world! 

We hope you choose to support us. Shopping or consigning with us means that you'll have more opportunities to feel excited instead of embarrassed when you need something new to wear. When you walk into our shop we know you'll find beautiful options in your size. 

YOU are the reason for our shop. You are wonderful, beautiful and we can't wait to meet you! 

Erika and Brenna