Brands we love

We love secondhand - and sometimes, it's nice to have something shiny and new. So here are some brands we love (and sell!)


How can I schedule a drop-off for my items?

Click here to book an appointment. Any drop-offs over 15 items MUST have an appointment.

If you have under 15 items we *may* accept a walk-in drop-off (not guaranteed!) CURRENTLY NOT ACCEPTING WALK-IN DROP OFFS

How does the consignment process work?

Here’s what you can expect:

Step one: fill out our contract (complete online or in-store).

Step two: book an appointment online. ​

Step three: gather the items you want to try and consign or request a donation pick-up (pick-ups are automatically considered donations and not eligible for consignment).

Step four: wait while we review your items. We might assess and select when you drop off - but we might need a day or ten too. If you leave your items with us watch your inbox (or junk mail) for a ‘we’re ready!” email. 

You'll get a summary of what we kept and an ask to pick-up or a thank you for donating (depending on what you selected in the contract).

Step five: wait some more while we price, list, and sell your items! You get 0-50% of what the items sell for (depending on what you chose).

Step six: check your online account to see what your balance is and come use it in store or get and etransfer. It’s your responsibility to sign up for the account (it'll be in the next steps email) or click here.

Can I get my clothing back at the end of the season?

No, nope. No matter what you will not get your items back after it’s been accepted for consignment. If you’re not 100% sure you want to consign, consider holding onto your items for a bit longer - or come to grips with the reality that you would have to re-buy your own clothes to get them back (if someone else hasn't already!) We donate all expired inventory to our preferred local charities. 

How do I get paid?

You can sign-up for a vendor account. I'll send you the details via email after you submit the contract.


All payouts are sent via e-transfer or kept as store credit. WE WILL NOT GIVE YOU CASH.

What charities do you donate to?

We donate to the Food Bank, Our Place Society, Backpack Buddies and Plenty Collective. We try to only support local. 

If you have suggestions on other organizations we should support - let us know!

Can I send you photos to see if you’d take my items?

You can! But, we’ll just give you a “yeah, looks like it’s worth the trip!” or a “hmmm, it’s hard to tell what we would keep - but feel free to bring them in for better inspection.” 

We can also pick-up your items for you, but then you’re choosing to donate them (you will not get any money or credit in exchange) ​pick up

Where's the vendor account?

Can you come to my house to pick-up consignments?

Usually no. But there are some exceptions. Email us and we'll try to accommodate - but you'll have to be patient with us (we're balancing a lot right now).

It's easier for us to prioritize donation pick-ups because I can send my husband to help. If you need us to go through your items, it will require one or both of the sisters and that creates a bottleneck.

Consider if you really need to consign or if a donation would work for you. Or, if you can have your consignments ready and you don't require us to sort - we can arrange more quickly.

I'm from out of town, can I consign?

You bet - follow the same process and send us a message via email -

If you cover the cost of the shipping, we're happy to take your items. We recommend the flat rate boxes from Canada Post.